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By approaching customers’ skin pattern and troubles scientifically, we categorized our data into seasons, steps, components, formulations, cycles, weathers, and so on. With constant study according to our data, we are trying to provide optimal cosmetics to customers

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  • [CROSX] Salicylic ACID Exfoliating Cleanser 150ml

    Vegetable skin refreshing components and salicylic acid (Salicylic Acid 100ppm) removes dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads. Cleanser for skin with trouble. “BHA cleanser eradicates difficult-to-remove dead...

  • [CROSX] Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

    BHA(Betain Salicylate1%)성분과 블랙비 프로폴리스추출물(Black Bee Propolis 60%)이 피부속의 불순물과 각질을 녹여주고 피부트러블 진정에 도움을 주는 토닝 솔루션   BHA (Betain Salicylate1%) component and black bee propolis (Black Bee Propolis 60%) melts skin wastes and...

  • [CROSX] One Step Pimple clear pads

    Betain Salicylate cares dead skin cells without irritation and makes clear skin tone. It’s a trouble&sebum care pad accomplishes matte skin by clearing skin trouble, sebum, and oil.   One-step pimple clear...

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