• Real Complexion Cream EX 50g


Real Complexion Cream EX 50g

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▶ Cream has a rapid calming effect, has a pink tone, does not contain artificial colors. It restores healthy skin tone due to the mineral calamine.

▶ Formula High-Moisture Emulsifying Technology ™ by 70% consists of moisturizing ingredients (60 kinds of plant extracts),
optimally restores the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, improves skin texture, leaving it smooth and soft.

▶ Provides the skin with essential vitamins and minerals, normalizes metabolism in tissues, it protects against the harmful effects of the environment.

▶ The function of anti-aging and brightening care, thanks to the formula Real-EX Complexion.

▶ Proven effect after 5 days, improves the texture and tone of the skin by 21%.

Hanskin Real complexion cream (Brightening and Anti-Aging cream)
No artificial color with 13 patented ingredients extracted from natural source that are proven to hydrate and even out the skin tone. 
Hanskin Real complexion cream will instantly and noticeably improve the tone and texture. 
It will impart your skin a healthy glow. while working to lighten any hyper pigmentation like sunspot or scars 

How to use
Hanskin Pink Tone Up Cream
: At the last step of the foundation, press on the pump, squeeze out the required amount of cream
: Apply on the skin, blend gently.

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