OEM/ODM Business Model


We offers a full ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing) service for global buyers.


Our designers and researchers work meticulously with our customers throughout the whole design and development process, and provide insight into all aspects of branding, style and visual presentation of your product, together we can create your own unique product to your specific requirements that not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Our ONE-STOP SERVICE includes formulation study & development, container & packaging design.

 Moreover we offer additional services concerning market planning and analysis, application for brand name on commission, and educational training.

 Our package planning and marketing strategy for single and series products will definitely enable you to penetrate and access a firm place and market share in the consumer cosmetic purchasing market.



 OEM/ODM Process Map


Product Manufacturing Catagories

More than 3,000 skin care formulations are available, from face and body products to haircare, before and after sun products, essential oils,profeshional products, wrap, muds, mask sheet and clays.With a full Research and development team at disposle we have the team in place to formulate and develop new formualas upon request.


Facial & Eye Care


  • Anti-Wrinkle Creams

  • Anti Aging Creams

  • Moisturizing Creams

  • Nourising Creams

  • Day/Night Creams

  • Face Lifting Serums

  • Whitening Creams

  • Pore Minamalizing Creams

  • Collagen Treatments

  • Hydration Serums

  • Secreation Serums

  • NIght Repair Masks

  • Boosting Serums

  • Aloe Creams & Serums

  • Stem Cell Serums


Facial Cleansing Products


  • Milk Cleansing

  • All in one Toner & Cleansers

  • Aqua Cleansers

  • Facial Sebum Control Cleansers

  • Facial Soap Free Cleansers

  • Bubble Cleansers

  • Botanial Cleansers Products

  • Pore Cleansers


Anti Acne Products  


  • Sebum Eliminating Serums

  • Acne Spot Gels

  • Acne Clay Mask

  • Acne Scar Care Creams

  • Tea Tree Acne Products


Make Up Products

  • Foundation Creams

  • Loose Powders

  • BB, CC Creams

  • Lip Balms

  • Lip Tints/Glosses


UV,UVB, IR Products


  • Sunscreen Lotion

  • Sun Gels

  • Aqua UV Serums

  • After Sun Treatments

  • PA++ UV Protective Lotions

Body Cleansers


  • All over Body Cleansers

  • Body Shower Scrubs

  • Sulfate Free Shower Gels

  • Feminine Intimate Washes

  • Masuline Intimate Washes


 Baby Care Products


  • Baby Head To Toe Wash

  • Nappy Rash Creams

  • No Tears Shampoo

  • No Tears Conditioner

  • Botanical Baby Oil

  • Calming Baby Massage Oils

  • Baby Powders

  • Organic Baby Soaps


 Body Care Products


  • Sliming Gels  

  • Anti Cellulite Creams

  • Anti Stretch Mark Creams

  • Scar Treatment Serums

  • Body Moist Creams

  • Body Hydration Serums 


Specality Body Products


  • Under Arm Whitening Creams

  • Nipple Pink Creams

  • Breast Up Creams

  • BB Whitning Body Creams

  • Nipple Plus Soft Creams


Spa Products


  • Massage Oils

  • Massage Lotions

  • Esential Oils

  • Body Clay Packs

  • Facila Clay Packs

  • Body Scrub Treatments

  • Facial Mask Sheets

  • Hair Treatments


  • Hand & Nail Products

  • Foot Treatments

  • Hair Care Products



Quality Control


Our ISO international standardized and FDA Certified factories utilize the latest in cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to produce the highest quality products under strict quality standards, these standards are met from all aspects of  products from raw materials in formulization right down to the dispatch of goods.


Production Line


While in production, products are inspected at multiple intervals on the production line, we endeavor to ensure that every product which leaves the factory is of the highest standard, quality and to perfection.

All products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded and wrapped under scrupulous quality control procedures and standards on all of our production lines.



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