• [Dr.Jart] Dermask Rubber Mask Set 45g*4ea


Dermask Rubber Mask Set 45g*4ea



2016-09-15-2303.pngPerfect fit on skin! High fitting rubber pack

Temporarily blocks contact with air, strong rubber wrapping nutrition ingredient delivery onto skin.

Skin moisture ingredient Panthenol and Hyaluronic acid soften skin.

Modeling pack + sheet mask rubber mask pack gives easy skin care.

< Moist Lover>

Moist wrapping gives dry skin hydrated vital care.

Phyto keratin complex keeps moisture for long hours.

Blue light algae extract moisture ingredient green seaweed ingredients

< Firming Lover>

Firming wrapping gives skin elastic silky skin care.

Berry complex gives skin elasticity care.

Red algae extract moisture ingredient red seaweed extract

< Bright Lover>

Bright wrapping to give dull skin bright and light care.

Vita complex gives bright skin tone.

Algae extract moisture ingredient brown seaweed extract

< Clear Lover>

Clear wrapping to give clear and fresh pore skin care.

Pore clear complex purify with refreshment.

Variety of seaweed extract moisture ingredient multi seaweed extract

How to Use

1. After face wash open Step.01 ampoule pack.

2. Apply pack onto skin avoiding eye areas.

3. Open Step.02 rubber mask pouch and remove film, place upper and lower sheet.

4. Remove mask after 30~40 minutes, pat excess amount of essence for absorption.

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